Emotional Body Music. No fiction and no makeup.


Johan Hansson and Daniel Söderberg (live).


Music inspired by any kind of sound or noise. The lyrical concepts come from own experience, from passions and from a thirst to understand.


2001-2002: When it all begins. Attending university in Uppsala, studying international politics and economics. The music is performed on one piece of hardware. All tracks are instrumental in the same veins as industrial techno. Further on, the vocal element becomes inherent in Unitary's brand. Unitary contributes to a couple of compilation CDs in the following years. Releases MCD "Desolate Ways" in 2002.

2003: Moves to Stockholm after finishing university studies. Releases full length CD "Second to none".

2004-2005: Unitary contributes to some high-profile compilation CDs. Performs vocals under a different alias for a short period of time.

2010: Recording and mixing album material.

2011: Releases full length CD "Safe from harm" on Infacted-Recordings.

2012: Releases full length CD "Misanthropy" on Infacted-Recordings.